Chimney Sweeping & Stove Servicing

We are qualified Chimney Sweeps and will carry out your annual sweep, regardless of whether we have fitted your stove or if you already have an appliance or open fire.

Sweeping should be carried out in the Spring when you have primarily finished using your stove. This is particularly important if you have a metal liner as it removes the corrosive soot from the liner for the dormant Summer period, thus reducing the possibility of corrosion and extending the serviceable life of the liner. You can of course continue to use the appliance throughout the year, however the bulk of the soot produced during the heavy Winter use is removed.

(Soot is hydroscopic and is continuously absorbing moisture, forming Sulphorous Acid)
We will also carry out servicing to all makes of stove and can supply any required parts needed. If you know you need spare parts, please have the make and model of your stove available when you contact us so we can ensure we have the correct parts available.

Please call us on 01872 510080 to arrange an appointment.

Cornwall Chimney Sweep