Terms & Conditions

These are the terms and conditions for Cosyhome Stoves Ltd, hereafter referred to as CSL within this document


  1. CSL provide an estimate rather than a quote, as there are often unforeseen variables that cannot be assessed until the installation is underway. Therefore the final price may change.
  2. This estimate is non-contractual. CSL reserve the right to cancel any work estimated for.
  3. The estimate is valid for 60 days.
  4. The estimate is based on the information gathered and supplied. Please check the details of
    your estimate are correct.
  5. Your online estimate may include specific terms and other important documents. It is
    recommended you read these and contact CSL if you have any queries before
    accepting work.
  6. If further work is required by the client and not documented by CSL it is the clients
    responsibility to inform CSL in writing. A revised estimate will be drawn up and
    issued which will bind the client to these terms and conditions.
  7. Unless otherwise stated, a day’s labour is regarded as 8 hours involving 2 persons. This is
    inclusive of travel times, loading/unloading materials.
  8. The chimney, roof and all components will be expected to be in a safe and workable state.
  9. CSL will take care to ensure any accidental damage is avoided.
    • If accidental damage has occurred, CSL can perform work to make good involving no extra cost for labour, up to and inclusive of the 1st hour. Time involved thereafter will be charged at a rate of £50.00 p/h. The client will pay for all materials required. Travel time if necessary will also be charged based on £40.00 p/h.
    • †CSL will not be responsible for removing or altering any obstacles that interfere with the work planned. Examples may include aerials and satellite dishes, unless specifically mentioned.
  1. CSL will not be responsible for damage or faulty construction discovered whilst performing any work. CSLwill make the client aware of any issues found. Examples include:
    • Damaged gutters
    • Existing damage to roof tiles and the roof structure
    • Existing damage to the chimney stack
    • Existing damage to flaunching and/or pots
    • Existing damage to aerials and satellite dishes or any other objects found whilst gaining

                               access to the flue.

11. CSL advise clients to gain consent from neighbours and appropriate third parties. This is the clients’ responsibility. CSL does not accept responsibility for implications and costs incurred through complications concerning neighbours and third parties. For example, if work undertaken by CSL involves a party wall, it is the clients’ responsibility to inform and gain consent from their neighbours in relation to expected works being performed.

The party wall act (1996) provides a framework for preventing and resolving disputes in relation to party walls, which affect neighbouring buildings.

  1. Following a site survey performed by CSL, unless otherwise agreed with CSL, the site needs to be left in the same condition as seen on the survey.
  2. If remedial work is performed by third parties on the clients’ instructions and does not involve CSL, CSL must be consulted in order that building regulations are adhered to and the fitting of an appliance is not compromised.
  3. If a blockage within the flue is encountered, the client will be informed and additional charges to unblock the flue and make good will be applied.

Please refer to the section “Additional charges” for more information.

Deposits, cancellations and invoices

  1. A deposit of up to 50% may be required for work to be accepted.
  2. The works may be cancelled at any point prior to your given appointment without CSL being held liable or incurring extra costs. This is inclusive of delays with materials, weather, and anything beyond CSLs’ control in order to perform the works on the scheduled date.
  3. If your installation/work has been cancelled, you will be offered the next available date.
  4. If the client decides to cancel, a cancellation fee of up to £100.00 may be charged to cover some
    costs of losing a days labour.
  5. Full payment will be required immediately on completion of work. Payment can be made via
    cash, cheque or BACS transfer. A reminder email will be sent within 3 days if payment has not
    been made.
  6. We understand and will exercise our statutory right to interest and compensation for debt
    recovery costs under the late payment legislation if we are not paid according to agreed credit
  7. Any disputes with the invoice must be raised immediately upon receipt of the invoice. Failure
    to do this will result in the full invoice amount being made payable to CSL.

Pre-work requirements

  1. CSL will require full and uninterrupted access to the property on the day(s) of installation/works.
  2. Parking made available for a large van will be necessary.
  3. The route to the room(s) where works are scheduled will need to be made clear and doors
    allowed to be opened fully.
  4. Where ladder/tower/scaffold access is required the route and immediate area to this will be
    required to be clear.
  5. The client should prepare the room prior to any works. It should include removing loose
    objects, ornaments, curtains, rugs, pictures and clearing the immediate working area. Electrical equipment should also be removed. Large objects such as sofa’s, chairs, tables, etc. should be moved away from the working area. All items left within the room should be covered with dustsheets by the occupier.
  6. Any items left within the room are left at the owners risk.
  7. CSL will provide floorsheets.

Works, installation & certification

The works will be performed in accordance to building regulations and the manufacturers guidelines. The clients wishes will be taken into consideration within the constraints of regulations,  however in the event that the works or installation is being compromised, CSL will reserve the right to exercise their best judgement in order to complete the works as safe as possible and within the best practice.

This will also mean that the appliance and flue will be placed in the best position so that flue gases and composites can be expelled from the flue in the most effective and safest manner.
CSL reserve the right to make these decisions with or without the clients’ presence in order to complete the works.

  1. It is expected that the client or a named representative will be able to be contacted on the day of planned works. If the event that the client is absent from the property, mobile phone signal is of poor quality and a landline is present, the landline will be used to gain contact if necessary.
  2. Access to toilet facility, water and electricity will be required.
  3. CSL performs works to a very high standard and in accordance with current
    building regulations. CSL will not be liable for any changes made to the regulations
    that were not in existence at the date of the estimate.
  4. Considerable care and attempts to maintain a tidy installation will occur at all times
    throughout the installation process. CSL accepts no responsibility for any air borne
    dust or soot falls during our remedial work or installation process.
  5. Where a solid fuel appliance/stove is being installed into an existing chimney, the position of
    the existing flue will strongly dictate the direction of the new flue coming from the appliance. Where possible the clients’ wishes will be taken into consideration and attempts to make this occur will be performed, however the client should be aware that a straight piece of flue pipe from either the rear or top of the stove is not always possible. Additionally the choice of connecting the appliance to the flue will eventually lie with CSL.
  6. Where a solid fuel appliance/stove is being installed without using an existing chimney the structure of the property will determine the direction of the new twin wall flue. CSL reserve the right to decide whether twin wall flue bends can be used or whether additional remedial work is required. Twin wall flue bends may have to be incorporated into the flue system to avoid structures and allow the flue to pass. Where remedial work will have to be performed to avoid the obstacle – such as trimming joists and rafters – additional remedial work will be charged at £50.00 p/h plus materials if CSL is able to perform the stated works – otherwise it is the responsibility of the client to organise and pay for the relevant contracted works to be performed. CSL will not be held liable for any additional remedial work required.
  7. If the solid fuel appliance has been provided by the client and is not fit for purpose at the time of installation and/or commissioning CSL will not be held responsible for re- installing the appliance.
  8. If performing remedial work to enlarge a fireplace, CSL will be responsible for working on and repairing walls, render and plaster in the “immediate surrounding area” of the new fireplace opening in accordance with the dimensions specified in the estimate.
  9. This “surrounding area” is described as within 300mm above the new opening and within 200mm to the sides of the new opening.  Exact area to be skimmed will usually be the entire chimney breast.
  10. It does not cover areas in excess of this “surrounding area” as specified in point 9, whereby the plaster/render/wall is already in a poor condition or is not level and is prone to damage as work is performed.

11.Areas above and beyond the “surrounding area” as specified in point 9, will be the responsibility of the client.

12. The client is responsible for any works involving painting and redecorating after any remedial work performed by CSL.

13. Cob, slate and stone wall structures: These old natural materials are unpredictable and difficult to work with and are notorious for being unstable and structurally unsound. Clients should be made aware that estimates involving remedial work to cob, slate and stonewall structures are highly likely to change. CSL will endeavour to abide by the estimated works but absolutely reserve the right to exercise best judgement whilst performing remedial work and alter the estimated works.

a. Additional costs incurred in this process will be charged accordingly based upon additional labour at £50.00 p/h and additional materials required to make safe and good.

  1. If CSL supply and fit a hearth upon a carpet, this may require a carpet fitter to re- lay/refit the carpet surrounding the hearth at the expense of the client.
  2. Water ingress may occur when a fireplace has been amended due to the removal of a chair firebrick and mortar, which may have previously absorbed the water. CSL accepts no responsibility for any water ingress.
  3. Whilst installing an external twin wall flue system, the twin wall flue will pass through an external wall. Over time water ingress may occur due to the expansion of the flue. The client is responsible for checking this. If the client wishes CSL to return and perform remedial work, the client will be charged accordingly.

17.If a live gas supply is present, unless otherwise agreed, it is expected that the client is responsible for  making this safe and taken away from source outside the working area by a qualified gas safe engineer prior to CSL performing the estimated work. An abortive cost of £350.00 will be charged if gas has not been made safe as illustrated above.

  1. A HETAS approved engineer will perform solid fuel installations.
  2. HETAS Certificate of Compliance will be issued on either the completion of the solid fuel installation or on full payment of invoice.
  3. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that all warranty documentation is completed and returned to the respective manufacturers to activate product warranty. The work carried out by CSL is warrantied for a period of 1 year from completion.
  4. Duplicate certificates and administration charges will be charged accordingly if they are requested after this period.

Responsibility of goods

  1. CSL do not accept responsibility of goods provided by the client whether or not the materials are used in the estimated works.
  2. Any materials provided by clients and wishing for CSL to fit will be done so at a pre-agreed price. CSL will not be responsible for any damage incurred whilst attempting to amend and fit the provided materials.
  3. The manufacturer of your flue and appliance will recommend what type of fuel the client can use on the flue system and appliance. The client must abide by these recommendations.
  4. Wood that has moisture content of less than 20% (seasoned or kiln dried) is the only type of wood to be used on the solid fuel appliances and flue systems. It is the clients’ responsibility to ensure that the wood used is in this state.
  5. Smokeless fuels recommended by the solid fuel association in addition to seasoned or kiln dried wood can only be used on multifuel appliances.
  6. With specific reference to a multifuel appliance, the clients must not use wood and smokeless fuel at the same time. If a transition of fuel types is performed it must be achieved once either fuel has combusted to glowing embers.
  7. It is not recommended that smokeless fuels be used on 316L grade stainless steel liners. Failure to burn the correct fuels or sweep the flue in line with the manufacturers guidelines will invalidate the warranty.
  8. Petroleum coke based fuels, “green”/wet wood and treated wood are examples of fuel not to be

Sweeping and flue blockages

  1. The existing chimney will require to be swept prior to installation in accordance with building regulations. This has been included in the estimate.
  2. Sweeping a flue does not include removing bird nests, obstructions or blockages. These will constitute additional charges.

Additional charges

Please note CSL is VAT registered therefore all prices stated in this document are exclusive of VAT

  1. All additional charges must be paid within 14 days unless otherwise agreed.
  2. CSL reserve the right to charge an hourly rate of £50.00 p/h for extra work that is
    required plus any materials used.
  3. If additional work is required on the day of agreed works, CSL will contact the
    client via telephone at the time of work having to stop. Subject to no response within 30 minutes of first attempting contact, additional work incorporating additional charges will be performed up to a limit of £400.00. This additional work may include such work as flue blockages and work involving cob, slate and stonewall structures.
  4. If the installation has to be abandoned by CSL, the original estimated price would be waived. Additional charges to cover any additional remedial work will not be waived.
  5. Any additional work required by the client will need to be pre-agreed with CSL within 72 hours prior to planned works.
  6. On the day of planned works, if the client requests additional work this will incur additional charges subject to the work being able to being completed in the scheduled time frame. The planned works is the priority and if the additional remedial work cannot be performed CSL are not obliged to fulfil/complete this work.
  7. On the day of planned works, the property and fireplace must be fit for purpose as previously agreed. Failing this and subject to CSL not being able to perform the planned works a cancellation fee of £350.00 will be charged.
  8. If the client has undertaken to performing remedial work themselves or employed a third party to do so, and CSL on the day of agreed works assesses that the remedial work compromises the agreed works to be performed by CSL, an abortive fee will be incurred of £350.00. The client is responsible to rectify the work at their cost in order for the agreed works to be started.
  9. Should the client wish to lay their hearth, it must be in place and fit for purpose to allow CSL  to perform the agreed works to proceed as planned. A minimum charge of £200.00 will be charged to rectify the issue in order for CSL to continue. This will affect the completion time of the planned works.
  10. If a gas liner/flue system is already in place an additional charge of £75.00 will be added to dismantle and remove this system.
  11. If a gas appliance has been made Gas Safe by a Gas Safe engineer but is still in place and requires removal a fee of £45.00 will be applied. The fee is inclusive of removing the appliance from site.

12.If a live gas supply is present, unless otherwise agreed, it is expected that the client is responsible for making this safe and taken away from source outside the working area by a qualified gas safe engineer prior to CSL performing the estimated work. An abortive cost of £350.00 will be charged if gas has not been made safe as illustrated above.

  1. If CSL have accepted the Gas safe work, an independent engineer will carry out the required works prior to stove installation. An estimate for this work will be provided.
  2. If a solid fuel appliance is in place and requires removal from site, a minimum fee of £45.00 will be applied.
  3. If a new chimney pot needs to be re-flaunched onto the stack a charge of £50.00 will be added to the invoice for the labour required.

16.       If the client has supplied the appliance by agreement, this appliance must be fit for purpose.

  1. CSL will prepare a new appliance for installation as part of the estimated cost irrelevant of supplier.
  2. If the client is responsible for supplying the appliance, it must be on site and fit for purpose on the day of works. The following points apply:
    a. If the appliance is not on site on the day of the planned install an abortive cost of £350.00 will be charged.
    • If the appliance is not fit for purpose an abortive charge of £350.00 may be applied. However if attempts to make the appliance fit for purpose can be made they will be charged at an hourly rate of £50.00 p/h plus materials.
    • If an appliance once installed fails the commissioning test, the appliance will not be signed off with HETAS certification. The appliance cannot be used and the installation charge will still apply as per the estimate.
      i. In this instance, CSL will be able to provide an estimate for disconnection and re-connection of an appliance. On completion of this work by CSL and subject to the appliance passing the commissioning test, a HETAS certificate of compliance will be issued.
    • The client is required to be present for commissioning but if the client requires CSL to return to demonstrate how the appliance works a minimum charge of £50.00 may be applied at CSL discretion.
  1. As stated within “Works, installation & certification” (point 6) if remedial work is required for a twin wall flue to pass objects, this will be charged at £50.00 p/h.

Complaints and grievances

  1. Following on from work performed by CSL, if the client deems additional work is required, or is not satisfied with any works performed by CSL, we must be notified of this within 48 hours.
  2. If the client undertakes any work without the consent of CSL,  any claim will become null and void.
  3. CSL will respond to any complaints in writing within 7 days.
  4. CSL will expect the client to respond within 7 days in order to proceed forward.
  5. This process will be repeated until a mutual outcome can be resolved.

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